Talus Biosciences

About Us

Our focus is bringing together cutting-edge technologies to unlock transcription factors for rational drug development.

Network Mapping - The first step is to understand the high-level map of a genetic network that exists in any given human cell. Unlike DNA, which is identical in nearly all cells, these network maps are unique to different cell types, cell states, and can even change depending on the external cellular environment. At Talus Bio, we use Digital Genomic Footprinting (DGF) to identify all the possible network connections occurring in the nucleus of a human cell.

Network Activity - Transcriptional networks are static pictures of the connectivity inside the nucleus. We use functional proteomics to monitor the activity of all transcription factors in live human cells and tissues. Like “KinomeScan” for the Regulome.

Network Interfaces - For critical edges in the transcriptional network, we use high resolution proteomics to identify and probe critical, druggable network connections in high resolution.