About Us

Talus Bio is a venture-backed early-stage biotechnology startup company working on drug development for gene regulators. Talus spun out of two leading institutions in September 2020 (University of Washington and Altius Institute for Biomedical Sciences) and is located in Seattle, WA. We are building a data-enabled drug development platform that will focus primarily on small-molecule drug development in oncology.

Our platform measures a drug’s ability to disrupt a gene regulator within its natural, non-engineered cellular environment. Furthermore, a single experiment using the platform measures activity for about 1,000 gene regulators simultaneously, providing information on in-cell drug activity and specificity in a single experiment. To accomplish this, we combine innovative cell processing with high-sensitivity quantitative proteomics and advanced downstream analytics.

As a company, we focus on two parallel efforts to prove that our technology can open up the world of gene regulation for drug discovery:

- Developing internal programs against previously undruggable gene regulators in

cancers with a poor standard of care

- Partnering with pharma, biotech, and academic labs to help progress their pipeline of gene regulator drugs