About Us

insitro is a data-driven drug discovery and development company that leverages machine learning and high-throughput biology to transform the way medicines are created to help patients.

At insitro, we are rethinking the entire drug discovery process, from the perspective of machine learning, human genetics, and high-throughput, quantitative biology. Over the past five decades, we have seen the development of new medicines becoming increasingly more difficult and expensive, leaving many patients with significant unmet need. We’re embarking on a new approach to drug development – one that leverages machine learning and unique in vitro strategies for modeling disease state and designing new therapeutic interventions. We aim to eliminate key bottlenecks in traditional drug discovery, so we can help more people sooner and at a much lower cost to the patient and the healthcare industry.

We believe that by harnessing the power of technology to interrogate and measure human biology, we can have a major impact on many diseases. We invest heavily in cutting edge bioengineering technologies to enable the construction of large-scale, high-quality data sets that are designed specifically to drive machine learning methods. Our first application is to use human genetics, functional genomics, and machine learning to build a new generation of in vitro human cell-derived disease models whose response to perturbation is designed to be predictive of human clinical outcomes.

This cannot be done without great people. We are bringing together an outstanding team of people whose expertise spans multiple disciplines - life sciences, machine learning, human genetics, engineering, and drug discovery - and building a unique culture where people from diverse backgrounds work as a single team towards a common goal. We offer opportunities to collaborative people with expertise in life science and computational science. Join us to help bring better health to more people, faster and cheaper.