About Us

BioTrillion is a healthtech startup leveraging AI-based computer vision at the intersection of physiology to advance healthcare

— via "Digital Biomarkers".

We are developing a mobile health technology platform called BioEngine4D™ – to digitally detect drugs & diseases – by measuring data from life, analyzing it through computational advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, and applying it back for life.

BioTrillion's approach to innovation flips the traditional Life Sciences paradigm yielding tremendous synergies for multiple digital biomarkers to prevent, detect, and intervent many diseases and disorders.

Our first 5 digital biomarkers "unlock windows into the brain, heart, and lungs," that signal disease expressing features via distinct anatomic pathways in the eyes, face, hand. And we're just getting started...

Our mission is to transform "Data from Life"​ into "Data for Life."​

We are HQ'd in San Francisco with a growing team.

Website: www.biotrillion.com

Contact: contact@biotrillion.com

Job Roles Open: https://www.biotrillion.com/opportunities

Job Application: https://biotrillion.typeform.com/to/wSvoKI